Posted by: beattieblog | September 20, 2007

First post: a little on me…

32 year old husband, dad, friend, son and brother. Follower of Jesus, one-time pastor and church-planter (that’s a funny term, eh?). I live in Seattle in a small, over-priced house that I’m very thankful for with an amazing wife and 2 kids. I drive around in a Subaru with a Chocolate Labrador – which in Seattle is the equivalent to camouflage. It’s good to remember that compared to 90% of the world, I live like a king – and likely so do you. Unless you’re a woman, then you’re more like a queen. I care about people, their stories and how they fit into the grand narrative of our universe; I worry about: the world my kids will inherit, my cholestoral levels, whether the Mariners will ever make the world series, human trafficking & poverty, (my) white guilt, how Lost will end, my stumbling along as a Christian and whether or not I’ll ever learn to fly fish or write a book. I agree with Dumbledore who said something like: within each of us is the capacity to do good or to do evil. It’s our choices that determine who we are. But ultimately, like Bono, I’d be in deep doo-doo if Karma were my ultimate judge. I’m holding out for grace.


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