Posted by: beattieblog | October 23, 2007

Escape Artist

So our oldest son (2 1/2 y.o.) has figured out how to escape from his crib in about 3.2 seconds. He looks alot like this guy going over the obstacle course wall. I figured this would happen sooner or later (his mom’s pretty athletic :)). But what I didn’t expect was him being able to also open his bedroom door with no trouble. I figured there’d be some lag time between these two dextrous accomplishments. I guess he is a genius – albeit a frustrating one. It presents a connundrum because on one hand I’m kind of proud of the little man for accomplishing this, while on the other hand I have to be the parent and put up a boundry around sleep times. It’s also one of the myriad of moments in parents’ lives where you have to stifle the laugh and put on the stern face. Instead of yelling, “That’s my boy!”, and slapping him a hi-five while dancing like Chad Johnson, I have to put him back in his crib. I wonder if God ever feels this way towards me? “Ok, Ryan, it’s great that you can earn some money. But stop wasting it on bottled water and new cars!” Anyways, we’re trying to stick to just picking him (son) up and putting him back in his crib without giving any response – as many times as it takes. So far the record is 18 times in one hour. 18 times in one hour. Eighteen times in 1 hour. I suppose it’s not that bad, but I’ve got a lot of bottled water to drink before I can justify buying more…


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