Posted by: beattieblog | October 26, 2007

Just because you can separate twins at birth for research purposes…wow

I just saw this story on www.npr.or and really couldn’t believe it. Having grown up with 2 sisters, it’s difficult to imagine the anger these separated twins must feel about what they missed out on growing up. File this under ‘the arrogance of science’. It will be fascinating to see the study’s conclusions…when I’m 91. Yikes.



  1. Hey, they’re separating everyone from their cultures so they had to reveal themselves sometime by overstepping the mark in the sand

  2. Hey, Bridson – thanks for the comment. I’m not sure I’m totally followin you. By “they”, do you mean the researchers, or something else?

  3. Beattie, it’s not a real conspiracy, only a conspiracy of attitude. Those that have power to order others lives exercise it, often in the most inappropiate way. They come in many forms but bureaucrats who discover “new” territory take a quantum leap in their desire to control, and often destroy human rights

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