Posted by: beattieblog | February 24, 2008

Just because you can make a movie about teen pregnancy that actually turns out to be pro-life but not in some preachy, condmening way…go right ahead.

So my wife and I made a rare excursion to a movie theater this week – you out there with 2 kids under 3 feel me. Did you know they have talkingin them now? Anyways, we’ve been jonesing for a flick and saw Juno this week starring Ellen Page. Loved it. Great music, great acting, great story, and most of all, great characters. This is certainly not an escapist movie so if you want a slice of glitz, guns, and gore, hang tight. One remarkable accomplishment of those responsible is that as viewers you come away empathizing with every main character. Even Jason Bateman’s role as an adolescent-trapped-in-a-30-something-year-old’s body. Just when you’re expecting the film to take sides, it shows a very human(e) side to each character. Even the cliched anti-abortion activist, Sue-Chin, plays a key role in Juno’s decision not to abort her baby. Yes, there is a message in favor of life over abortion here. But it’s not political or preachy. Clearly this wasn’t the point. I think the bigger message is the film’s portrayal of Gen X-ers and millenials finding a voice for their pain / anger / angst / disgust / confusion over some of the ways baby-boomers raised them (us). Finally, mainstream culture is expressing authentic  pain / anger / angst / disgust / confusion over the pain of abortion and divorce. No final, neat, Aesop fabled ending here. Just a real story that I think might be healing for many to watch and find themselves in.

So if you haven’t seen it, get your tush over to the theater. It gets 4 out of 4 bags of Gen X pain / anger / angst / disgust / confusion – with just a little butter on top – from me.



  1. We loved it. Taj and I were crying like little babies!

  2. Yeah, it was a great movie. I loved the soundtrack though I’ve only downloaded a couple of the songs…

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