Posted by: beattieblog | June 8, 2008

Sundays are for…studying

Scot McKnight over at his fantabulous blog, Jesus Creed, has a regular post: Friday is for friends. My family’s version of this has become “Sunday is for studying”. Some Sundays, church is in there. It’s been an interesting season as we try and sort out a ‘place of worship’. I left my job as an assistant pastor at The Seattle Vineyard laaaaaast April – a great church in a sweet old building about 2 blocks west of the University of Washington. That marked the end of an almost 12 year relationship at the church (not a bad ending) where I became serious about my life as a disciple of Jesus, got my feet wet in ministry, preached my first sermon, dedicated my first baby, performed my first wedding – and heck, even tried to plant a church (“Along the Way”). The last year there I had the privilege of reading the bible with homeless and street-involved young adults and starting a youth group. In being with the street kids, I became exposed to the rich and worthwhile challenge of reading scripture with those whose life circumstances are unbelievably different and more challenging than mine. I drew a lot from the veterans of that ministry and Bob Ekblad’s “Reading the Bible with the Damned. I think all Christians should experience reading their sacred text with folks who live a very different life. I could say so much more about that but I’ll pause there.

All that to say it’s a funny thing to have been immersed in a faith community participating and leading in virtually every level of administrative and pastoral work and now find that…Sundays are for studying (I must get some credit, it is Christian ethics right now!). Pray for us as we continue to sort out where we’ll land and what’s next in store for yours truly in or out of a traditional ministry post.



  1. Sundays are for laughing with friends over Chinese food.

  2. You know where you will get the biggest welcome!!!!

  3. Sundays are for laughing with friends over Chinese food.

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