Posted by: beattieblog | July 3, 2008

Sad Day for SuperSonics

“Thanks for nothing, local leadership” is the phrase that came to mind. It’s a sad day in Sonic land as the trucks pack up today and head for the mid-west. As one local sports talk host said, we’ve gone from being a major league, 3 sport town to a 2nd rate sports town – how does it feel to be on par with Kansas City and Cincinnati, folks? That’s us. Frankly, it’s depressing that in a town supposedly full of innovative politicians and business leaders, we couldn’t figure out a way to keep 40+ years of civic pride around. But hey, I’m sure all the Barry Manilow concerts and environmental product conventions will replace the revenue an already sinking Seattle Center lost yesterday. Here’s a good blog entry about the politics of it at Crosscut.



  1. The fans will get over it. I feel for them, but no body made such an uproar when the Hornets left Charlotte. We got over it(because we got another team after a few years), I think Seattle will be just fine.

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