Posted by: beattieblog | March 18, 2009

Study Brea(k)th with ‘Too Beautiful to Live’

The best radio show you’ve likely never heard of happens here in Seattle from 7 to 10 pm in 97.3 FM: Too Beautiful to Live with Luke Burbank. Beyond the radio world’s heated debate over whether it should or shouldn’t endure it is simply darn good radio by a darn funny guy who once let me ride his powder-blue scooter around the block during college. Luke and my buddy Ben were fast friend-os and I enjoyed any time I had with Luke. I’ve been told I have a good sense of humor. Luke has a sense of humor you can make a living off. Along with Jen Andrews and Sean DeTore they offer wit and an endless supply of pop culture commentary that’s fresh radio air in Seattle. So today’s study break features a “fiendishly brilliant” bus ad they blogged about:

The Most Effective Advertisement Ever Made. Ever. Ever.

This is a bus stop ad for a Dutch gym. When you sit on the bench, it displays your weight. I’m torn between feeling awe at how brilliant this is and horror at how fiendishly brilliant it is.


Anyone else out there seen something this good? Hey, at least for the woman on the bench, I don’t understand the metric system! She’s light as a feather to my eyes! Anyhoo, when you’re in need of a break, check out their site and podcast TBTL. It’s worth it!


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