Posted by: beattieblog | February 23, 2010

Old friends, old friends sat on their parkbench like bookends…

Sort of feels like that old Simon and Garfunkel song sitting down and thinking about my blog. It’s been so long I don’t even know where to start. In some ways a lot has changed, yet many things are the same (yep, I’m still working on that elusive Master’s degree). Gotta update that “about me” section to being 35 years old…now interning at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue coordinating the fledgling Young Adult ministry there. That’s the biggie for me currently. Now, if you were to back up two or even three years, then we’d have some serious updating to do on our digital park bench. Let’s see, three years ago saw me just having shut down the church start-up (“plant” in Christianize) “Along the Way” I was taking point on with the Seattle Vineyard church. We (family, then of just three) were living in NE

Lake City area of Seattle

Seattle in our great little house wondering what in the world would be next. Fast forward to today and you’ll find us living in the northern most part of Kirkland (which in our beloved Seattle-ite friends’ minds might as well be the northern most part of Kamchatka) living in a much larger (though aesthetically ‘smaller’)  home now as a tribe of 4. I’ve traded in the small, urban, Charismatic church in the University District for the large, suburban Presbyterian church in Bellevue – surprisingly Charismatic still. If you’d told that NE Seattle Ryan he’d be living and doing what he’s doing now where he’s doing it, I’m not sure exactly how he would have responded, but disbelief would’ve been a part of it. Here’s the thing, I really, really like it. Sure we miss things about Seattle and our beloved Seattle Vineyard (still haven’t found another church that gets community with the poor and marginalized the way this place does – charity is not a substitute for relationship). But I’m growing, learning and being greatly challenged where we’re at these days. And if I could somehow step outside of time and see things as the Holy One does, I might just see a collection of puzzle pieces inching closer and closer towards each other. The picture seems to be getting a little clearer – at least in some ways. Our kids love the neighborhood – we’ve exchanged the slim pickings of playmates for a veritable cornucopia of multiple ages and flavors of buddies for them. We’ve even merged alternate universes and crossed the space-time continuum to

Night Shot of Kirkland, WA

move next door to our doppelgangers. Contact me through back channels if you want the list of similarities between the Ryan-Kristi (“Ryisti”) and Jim and Staci (“Jiaci”) life stories. Let’s just say when your own narrative gets woven (grafted?) into the larger narrative you find yourselves next to some pretty similar branches. That’s just the way of the Kingdom I guess – and we love it.

So though The sounds of the city sifting through trees that Settles like dust on the shoulders of the old friends, Ryan and his blog, have changed, things are good and God proves himself faithful.  So raise that cup of Zoka coffee (yep, I found one in Kirkland) and toast: Here’s to more frequent and thoughtful posts from yours truly.



  1. this one tears me up old man.

    I’m still your boy no matter where you sojourn.

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