Posted by: beattieblog | April 4, 2010

Love wins.

I believe love wins. Love wins. Love goes toe to toe with the worst in and around us, climbs down into the grave next to us and wins. Love looks Karma square in the eye and says, “I’ll do you one better.” Love wins. Love penetrates the marrow, acknowledges the abnormalities in the DNA and wins. Love trumps power. Love circles the bullet and acknowledges its devastation and…wins. Love confronts evil, tickles its chin, and wins. Love binds, soothes, cures, erases, keeps a short memory, tastes the hurt and wins. Love endures, feels the breaking, watches in horror and wins. Love knows its place and refuses to stay there. Love turns an immovable stone into a marble; rolls around in the bloodied soil and wins. Love tries to tell you, shakes its head at your betrayal and wins. Love sees the end of the world, smiles, and wins. Love is murdered and decides how long to stay that way. Love is swallowed up by death and self-regurgitates as grace. Love knows violence and wins. If love is a liar then I’m a fool but I believe love wins.


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